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Transitioning to a remote work force? Need help?

We’ve been experts at remote teams from the beginning.
We can help you set up and train your remote team, manage the workload and keep things moving.

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We provide the ideal solution with our pay-for-what-you-use principle. Now you don’t need to pay for non-productive office hours or occupy valuable space with a desk which is only needed for a few hours per week.

Having a secretary is a must for managing your business. For smaller businesses, however, the expenses of hiring a full time or even a part time secretary can be daunting and unnecessary. 


Data entry and spreadsheet formatting

We are experts in Excel and Google Sheets and are skilled at technical specifications.

Outbound phone calls

We will deal with customer service for you!

Light research

Such as finding the perfect birthday gift for your clients, your team, and even your mom!

Sending out reminders

To you, your colleagues or family members.

Travel planning and booking

We can plan and manage all your travel.

Social media management

We can help design, post and manage your social media calendars.

3 month

$ 27
  • full pakage

6 month

$ 48
  • full pakage

12 month

$ 84
  • full pakage